About me


Jeannie Dolan’s paintings are a richly expressed ode to the natural world. Based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Jeannie is an intuitive artist who seeks to convey a sense of spontaneous beauty, allowing her memories and emotions to guide the work. 

Jeannie’s childhood in the Blue Mountains attuned her to the power of nature’s charms, an appreciation that has followed her through life and informs her artistic creation today. Jeannie’s landscapes, still life's and floral studies are a celebration of abundance and magical light, often highly textural and always evocative. 

It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child twenty-five years ago that Jeannie picked up a paintbrush and starting producing work in earnest. She has been evolving her practice ever since, experimenting endlessly with oils, acrylic and watercolour on canvases of all scale.


        " My art is a continuous journey of creativity and development."